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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3-D Technology

This post is an answer to a question posed to bloggers by "The Observer".  Here is a link to the article

Ever since the re-introduction to 3-D technology the Film Industry has seen a huge increase in revenue for production companies and theaters alike.  The huge success of this technology has caused other markets like Television and Computer companies hurrying to bring out 3-D versions of their products. But is this something that will last, or just be another fad?

So far 3-D is continuing to do great for films, with most big budget and family films including a 3-D version.  But as we can see with the Television market, it is hard to be relevant and the need to out do their competitors is helping further the technology by bringing out such innovations like T.V. sets that don't need glasses to work.

The Film Industry would need to come up with similar innovations for 3-D to last in theaters.  Unfortunately such innovations like creating movie screens that wouldn't require glasses would be very expensive for theaters to upgrade to and they may not be able to take on the expense.  Also production companies would need to shoot their movies with 3-D cameras instead of just adding it in the editing process making the effects look better in theaters, but also adding a big expense.

The Film Industry would most likely need to add these innovations to 3-D technology soon if they want to keep the interest from the consumers.  The problem with this is the industry will probably want to wait to see if the public continues to go see films in 3-D, or like a fad suddenly lose interest in it altogether before they invest in the future of 3-D. 

I would like to know what everybody thinks about this issue, so leave a comment below on whether you think 3-D will have a lasting affect on the Film Industry?.

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Kendall said...

I doubt anyone would really commit the time and resources to expand 3-D technology in film. Just to design a screen and theater that would make glass-less effects work would only make sense if the film industry was going to shift the entire media to 3-D. As stated above this is more likely a fad waiting to fizzle out.

dwolson said...

Most likely, it would be interesting to see some of those innovations come out in some fashion though. Maybe a 3-D screen for glasses-less effects would make sense at certain places like theme parks that use 3-D simulation.

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