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Friday, February 25, 2011

Short Term Solution, Long Term Problem

Attendance at theaters has been declining for a while, with factors like the economy playing a huge role in the most recent years.  The film industry in 2010 had one of their largest declines in attendance since 2005, but also one of their biggest financial years.  The reason for this was because of raised ticket prices and 3-D prices, but this is a short-term way to deal with this problem because it is also another big factor in the reason more people skip the ticket cost and wait for the short turn around time to watch it on DVD.  Ben Fritz also explains (2010), “But eventually the number of 3-D releases will plateau, at which point box-office growth will again rest more firmly on whether the studios can produce movies that people want to watch.” (¶ 20)  Ben Fritz points out that when this happens the film industry will have to rely solely on good movies, DVD sales, and other revenue.

Fritz, Ben. (2010). 3-D movie tickets keep box-office sales high as attendance falls. The Salt Lake Tribune, pp 1-2. Retrieved January 26, 2011, from


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